Optimizing Federal Cloud Expenditures: The CloudThrottle Resource Scheduler

Venkatesh Krishnaiah

Venkatesh Krishnaiah

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Case Study

Optimizing Federal Cloud Expenditures: The CloudThrottle Resource Scheduler


CloudThrottle, leveraging our Patented & Patent-Pending technologies, emerged from its foundational roots as cloud integrators and federal resellers with a vital mission: to redefine the efficiency and predictability of cloud resource management for government entities. In our partnership with the US Patent and Trademark Office, a Federal agency, we managed cloud resources under stringent budgetary confines. This journey demanded adherence to tight fiscal constraints and showcased our capacity for controlled and predictable cloud expenditure, a challenge we were ready to take on with our innovative technology.


The main goal was to maintain strict oversight to prevent budget overruns while also ensuring operational efficiency and financial discipline. This mandate highlighted the challenge of achieving budget compliance and minimizing cloud waste, which emphasized the need for a strategic approach to cloud resource utilization. CloudThrottle's resource scheduler Framework provided an efficient and cost-effective solution to these challenges.

Problem Solution Detailing: Technical Insights into CloudThrottle's Resource Scheduler

Identifying the Core Problems:

The US Patent and Trademark Office faced significant challenges in managing cloud expenditures, particularly due to the static and inflexible nature of traditional cloud management. The main issues included:

  • Overspending: Budget overruns occurred because resources, such as Cloud Compute and databases, were often left running during low-demand or non-working periods like nights and weekends, accruing unnecessary costs.
  • Resource Waste: A significant portion of the budget was consumed by underutilized resources, which remained active even when their processing power was not needed.
  • Lack of Predictability: The agency had difficulty forecasting and budgeting for cloud expenditures due to the static nature of resource allocation, which did not reflect actual usage needs.

CloudThrottle's Resource Scheduler Solution:

To address these challenges, we implemented a scheduler designed to optimize resource usage according to predefined schedules, aligning closely with operational needs and reducing costs. Here’s how the scheduler addresses these problems:

  • Redefining Scheduling: The scheduler enables the setting of operational hours for each cloud resource, allowing for the automatic shutdown of non-critical systems such as development and testing environments during off-peak hours. This reduces costs by ensuring that resources are only active when they are likely to be needed.
  • Customizable Resource Allocation: The scheduler allows each Application within the agency to define its resource utilization schedules based on individual operational requirements and project timelines. This flexibility helps optimize resource use and prevent Cloud Waste.
  • Budget Monitoring Capabilities: The scheduler includes functionalities that monitor spending against the allocated budget. It alerts when spending approaches the threshold, allowing timely intervention to prevent budget overruns.
  • Seamless Integration: CloudThrottle's scheduler integrates smoothly with the agency’s existing cloud infrastructure, ensuring that scheduling changes can be implemented without disrupting existing operations.
Cloud Resources - Unscheduled vs Scheduled

This side-by-side comparison graph shows the usage patterns and resource uptime before and after implementing CloudThrottle's scheduling solution, illustrating the significant impact of our resource scheduler in optimizing cloud resources.

Outcomes and Impact

Implementing CloudThrottle's resource scheduler framework was crucial to our agency's cloud financial governance. This solution allowed us to manage resource availability and strategically establish proactive budget alerts. As a result, we could adhere to our fiscal targets and tackle the challenge of cloud waste. By adopting this approach, we achieved a comprehensive solution that enabled us to reduce unnecessary cloud expenditures by 58% significantly. We could still maintain fiscal discipline and operational integrity despite the cost reduction.

Scheduled Cloud Resources - Total Usage Cost Savings

This graph further quantifies the cost savings achieved throughout the week, demonstrating both the immediate and sustained financial benefits of implementing our scheduling technology.

Advancing Cloud Financial Governance

CloudThrottle has adopted a groundbreaking approach that has established it as a crucial ally in the domain of Cloud Financial Governance and Optimization (CFGO). It offers a proactive methodology for cloud cost management rather than a reactive one. By aligning cloud spending with broader business objectives, CloudThrottle effectively manages the agency's financial resources, supporting strategic goals and operational needs.

CloudThrottle's Resource Scheduler, CloudPause:

CloudThrottle's resource scheduler, CloudPause, epitomizes advanced cloud resource management by dynamically optimizing scheduling for cost efficiency and performance using Patented & Patent-Pending technologies. This system enhances cost-effectiveness by enabling and disabling cloud resources based on actual usage, strictly adhering to the Pay-as-you-go Cloud model. It features a centralized control dashboard that offers a unified view for managing resources across multiple cloud platforms. It is bolstered by sophisticated rule-based scheduling algorithms that automate resource allocation according to predefined operational rules and real-time data. CloudPause supports dual-level scheduling for precise resource management at account and individual levels. The system’s flexibility is further extended with customizable holiday scheduling to accommodate non-standard workdays and regional holidays, alongside preset operational schedules that ensure resources are available during peak business hours and conserved during off-peak times. The schedule override feature also provides the autonomy to temporarily adjust resource allocation in response to unforeseen changes or special project needs without permanently altering established policies. This combination of unique and advanced features makes CloudPause a highly adaptable, efficient, and dynamic solution for modern cloud computing environments.

Ready to Optimize Your Cloud Resources?

Discover the difference CloudThrottle's CloudPause can make in your organization's cloud management strategy. Don't let inefficiency and over-spending drain your resources. Take control with CloudPause's dynamic, Patented and Patent-Pending scheduling technology that adapts to your specific needs, saving you money, enhancing performance, and reducing Cloud Waste.This innovative approach optimizes resource use and also supports sustainable practices by minimizing carbon emissions.

Contact us today at +1-571-295-7776 or schedulefor a personalized demonstration or to discuss how we can tailor CloudPause to help achieve your strategic goals. Let's make your cloud investment work smarter, not harder. Embrace the future of cloud financial governance with CloudThrottle.

Maximize your cloud efficiency now—because every moment counts when it comes to cloud resource management!


We have successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of managing cloud expenses for federal agencies under strict budgetary constraints by using the CloudThrottle resource scheduler. Our journey with the agency is a testament to the fact that innovative technology and strategic planning can work together to achieve operational efficiency while ensuring budgetary compliance and minimizing cloud waste. This reinforces CloudThrottle's commitment to excellence in cloud financial governance.

Venkatesh Krishnaiah

Hi there. I'm Venkatesh Krishnaiah, CEO of CloudThrottle. With extensive expertise in cloud computing and financial operations, I guide our efforts to optimize cloud costs and improve budget observability. My blog posts focus on practical strategies for managing cloud expenditures, enhancing financial oversight, and maximizing operational efficiency in cloud environments.

Please Note: Some of the concepts, strategies, and technologies mentioned here are patented and patent-pending intellectual properties of CloudThrottle/Varcons.

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