Unified Multi-Cloud Cost Management with Federal Expertise

Venkatesh Krishnaiah

Venkatesh Krishnaiah

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Case Study

CloudThrottle addressed these challenges through our unique approach:

Single Pane of Glass: We provided a unified console to manage all cloud accounts, offering a comprehensive view of resource utilization and costs across multiple cloud platforms.

Federal Vertical Expertise: Our solution was specifically designed to handle complex federal and state government projects. We integrated vendor and account management capabilities to streamline operations and ensure accurate budget and expense tracking.

Importance of Federal Vertical Expertise:

  • Accurate Financial Tracking: Federal agencies often receive vendor discounts or credits that need accurate tracking. CloudThrottle incorporates these into the financial and expense reports, ensuring precise budget burn-rate tracking.
A project manager at the US Patent and Trademark Office remarked, 'The ability to monitor and adjust our cloud spending in real-time has been a game-changer. CloudThrottle’s resource scheduler has not only saved us money but also provided peace of mind knowing we won’t exceed our budget.'
  • Vendor Management and Transition: Due to the contracting nature of federal government projects, vendors change after the contracting period ends. This changeover can create significant work to identify and transfer all accounts to the next vendor. CloudThrottle's patented strategies streamline this process by clearly distinguishing between accounts inherited from previous vendors and those created during the current contract period. This capability simplifies vendor transitions, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures continuity and accuracy in account management.


Our implementation strategy involved:

Resource Scheduler: Introducing CloudThrottle's resource scheduler, which allows for the automatic shutdown of non-critical systems during off-peak hours, significantly reducing costs.

During the implementation phase, one of our team members discovered that scheduling non-critical systems to shut down during off-peak hours resulted in immediate cost savings. This small change, driven by our resource scheduler, significantly reduced our monthly cloud expenditures.

Customizable Resource Allocation: Enabling each department within the USPTO to define its resource utilization schedules based on operational requirements.

Budget Monitoring: Implementing real-time budget monitoring capabilities to alert managers when spending approached thresholds, preventing budget overruns.

One weekend, developers forgot to shut down the testing environment on Friday. Our system detected an impending budget overrun due to an unexpected usage spike. Thanks to real-time monitoring and alerts, they were able to take immediate action and avoid any financial surprises.

Technical Insights

  • Automated Scheduling: The scheduler redefined operational hours for cloud resources, ensuring they were active only when needed.
  • Budget Integration: Seamlessly integrating with the USPTO's existing cloud infrastructure, the scheduler implemented changes without disrupting operations.
  • Cost Optimization: Customizable schedules and automated shutdowns minimized resource waste and optimized cloud spending.


The implementation of CloudThrottle's unified multi-cloud management solution resulted in:

  • 58% Reduction in Cloud Expenditures: By optimizing resource schedules and reducing unnecessary costs, the USPTO achieved significant savings.
  • Enhanced Budget Predictability: Real-time monitoring and proactive budget alerts improved financial discipline.
  • Operational Efficiency: Customizable resource allocation ensured that resources were used efficiently, aligning with the USPTO's operational needs.

Impact Visualization

The impact of our solution is visually represented in the graph below, illustrating resource usage and cost savings before and after implementing CloudThrottle's scheduling technology.

Advancing Cloud Financial Governance

CloudThrottle's approach to cloud financial governance is proactive, aligning cloud spending with broader business objectives. Our platform supports federal agencies in achieving strategic goals through:

  • Automated Budget Proration and Rollover: Ensuring budgets reflect actual expenditure needs.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Providing actionable insights to prevent overspending.
  • Collaborative FinOps Culture: Promoting cost accountability and financial visibility across departments.

Through our partnership with the USPTO, CloudThrottle has demonstrated the effectiveness of our unified multi-cloud management solution. Our innovative technology and strategic planning have enabled operational efficiency and budget compliance, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in cloud financial governance.

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Venkatesh Krishnaiah

Hi there. I'm Venkatesh Krishnaiah, CEO of CloudThrottle. With extensive expertise in cloud computing and financial operations, I guide our efforts to optimize cloud costs and improve budget observability. My blog posts focus on practical strategies for managing cloud expenditures, enhancing financial oversight, and maximizing operational efficiency in cloud environments.

Please Note: Some of the concepts, strategies, and technologies mentioned here are patented and patent-pending intellectual properties of CloudThrottle/Varcons.

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