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CloudThrottleJourney: Where Passion and Purpose Unite

Our journey began as a team of dedicated Cloud Architects, standing at the intersection of opportunity and vision. Initially contracted for a Federal government project, we undertook the monumental task of crafting Federal Cloud Infrastructure. With expertise spanning on-premise data centers and cloud technology, we became the ideal partners for our prime vendor. Together, we embarked on a transformative mission, successfully earning the prestigious ATO (Authorized to Operate) status. Beyond the achievements, this journey has been an emotional odyssey, deepening our understanding of Federal Cloud Infrastructure and the intricacies of cloud compliance

Join Us on This Journey: Our story transcends business; it's a testament to our unwavering passion, purpose, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We invite you to be part of our ongoing adventure, where technology converges with the heart, and connections are forged. As we continue to grow, together, we'll shape a brighter future where innovation thrives, and dreams become reality.

Federal Cloud Infrastructure

Origin of CloudThrottle

CloudThrottle cloud integrators and federal resellers
Cloudthrottle - advanced budget management
Predictable Cloud Spending

Origin of CloudThrottle

CloudThrottle: Empowering Cloud Journey

Federal Challenge

Our journey at CloudThrottle began as cloud integrators and federal resellers, entrusted with a dual mission by the government: to manage cloud resources effectively and to demonstrate the manageability and predictability of cloud enablement. As AWS resellers, we were assigned to handle multiple projects, each with its own fixed budget. This responsibility required us to tread carefully, ensuring that cloud costs not only stayed within these tight constraints but also showcased the potential for controlled and predictable cloud expenditure. We faced this challenge head-on, despite the government's inclination towards flexible spending models over traditional cost-saving strategies, like fixed, long-term commitments such as RIs and savings plans. This preference for flexibility over fixed investments added a layer of complexity to our task, pushing us to innovate and find new ways to maintain budget discipline while adapting to the government's dynamic cloud usage needs.

Solution - Origin of CloudThrottle Framework

Delving deep into cloud cost optimization, we developed advanced budget management techniques and analyzed cloud cost billing data. This led to a significant breakthrough: demonstrating the viability of 'Predictable spending in the Cloud.' Realizing the widespread relevance of this challenge, we created CloudThrottle Framework. This framework empowers users with 'Predictable Cloud Spending,' featuring a unique per-account pricing model. It offers better control over operational costs, which is particularly beneficial for development and testing environment accounts, which are prone to high cloud spending.

CloudThrottle - Predictable Cloud Spending

Out of this framework, we developed Patented CloudThrottle, a powerful tool that puts the control of "Predictable Cloud Spending" directly into your hands. What sets CloudThrottle apart is its innovative per-account pricing model, offering you enhanced control over operational costs. This pricing model is especially advantageous in development and testing environments, where cloud spending is usually high, as it offers enhanced control over costs and aids in optimizing expenses for the accounts that need it most.